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Meet Merlz and Pearlz, the Rocking Duo of Self Esteem for Kids!

It’s been quite the adventure exploring self esteem with the Merlz and Pearlz team so far! We’ve learned about self esteem for kids. You’ve sang and danced with us, and even picked up a chore or two! We’ve gotten to know friends like Igor, Dr. Zenbird, and even each other. We’ve met a whole host of awesome characters for kids and adults alike! But, what about our two favorite musical Self-Esteem Warriors? No, not Billy the Beaver and his best friend Joanne. We meant the people in the title! We all love the rocking duo but there's still so much more to know about who they are, how they met, and just how we got to the planet-hopping shenanigans of today. So, in this blog post, we figured we’d do just that!

Pull up a blanket, snuggle up tight, and ready your ears, Self-Esteem Warriors. It’s storytime.

We begin, as all great stories do, with the meet cute.

For those unaware, a meet cute is a regular first meeting or encounter… but cute! Clever, we know. Our dynamic duo met during a class at Planet Awesome Music School. Merlz was holding his electric guitar, tired after a long practice session in class. A certain fairy happened to pass by, and was struck by the sight of our musical Merlzypoo. An electric guitarist? With talent?! Here?! Pearlz had no choice but to approach Mearlz, amazed to see another rock ’n’ roll fan like herself.

At that point, the story wrote itself. She played keyboard; he played guitar. They were as perfect a pair as peanut butter and jelly.

After talking, the duo realized they had a lot of fun things in common. A taste for alien fries, unique fashion senses, a love of steampunk. Most importantly, though? Their lifelong passion for all things music and self-esteem. The two kids decided to play music together for a while. They practiced anywhere they could, learning old songs and even writing some new ones. It didn’t take long for our young musicians to realize just how well they worked together.

And so, the musical duo of Merlz and Pearlz was born!

With the band all set, our Self-Esteem Warriors set their sights beyond even Planet Awesome itself! Rocking and rolling as hard as they could, the pair set out with one important mission in mind: to spread the word about self esteem across the galaxy! With the help of a little rock music of course.

So that’s how we got to where we are today. But you’re not quite caught up just yet! We know how Merlz and Pearlz met, and how they became the rock-n’-rolling Self-Esteem Warriors they are today. But what about after the show? When the curtains fall, and there are no more songs to sing, just who are these two galactic adventurers?

Get to know Merlz, our gifted and glorious guitarist!

Merlz may be a rocking guitarist, but he’s actually quite shy! Merlz makes friends easily because he’s such a good listener—an important trait for any Self-Esteem Warrior! But don’t worry, it’s okay if your listening skills take some time to grow. Merlz has a little bit of an advantage; it’s not hard to be a good listener on Planet Awesome. There are so many things worth listening to! There are super fun songs in all sorts of styles, and grand stories to tell for all time. Merlz is a big fan of those stories in particular. He loves storytelling through his music with Pearlz, and spreading the message of self-esteem in every tale!

Merlz is also an avid learner, just like you! He loves to learn new things, even if they can seem a bit strange and scary at first. No matter the challenge, though, Merlz always makes it through by using another Self-Esteem Warrior skill: patience! By being patient, our favorite merlzypoo can work through the steps to learn anything new. Patience also lets Merlz be a good friend to Pearlz. He listens, breaks things down, and is there to comfort Pearlz when she’s feeling big feelings.

This guitar-playing merlzypoo of ours has hobbies outside of music, too. You can often find him enjoying his favourite food: alien fries! Merlz also loves learning about animals, especially elephants! Merlz also loves playing spaceball and doing biiiiiig stretches! It’s important to stay nice and loose when you’re rocking out so hard.

Find out more about Pearlz, the fabulous singing fairy!

Speaking of rocking out, we haven’t told you about Pearlz! She’s the lead singer of Merlz and Pearlz (also the... only singer, so…), and she’s a bundle of fun, just like Merlz. Being a fairy, Pearlz loves to express herself in all sorts of wondrous ways—her favorite being music, of course. That said, Pearlz is also big on speaking her mind. Whenever she’s feeling a big, confusing feeling, like anger or sadness or even just a craving for alien fries, she makes sure to talk things out with her best friend Merlz. Talking things out helps our fairy friend get through all of her worries. That said, balance is important. Though she’s a brilliant talker, Pearlz tends not to listen quite as much as she should! She’s working on it, though, and that’s what counts.

Pearlz has a love of adventure. When she's not rocking out with Merlz, Pearlz loves using her imagination. Especially when it comes to daydreaming about the galaxy and how every being is unique. After forming the band and setting off to the stars, Pearlz journals every adventure. She loves learning from other life forms, listening to their music, and discovering new ways to love yourself. Her favorite planet so far has been Earth! Who knew both Planet Earth and Planet Awesome shared a love for rock n’ roll? She and Merlz both had a great time trying pizza on Earth, and couldn’t get enough. The duo loved it so much, they took three boxes worth back to their ship when they left!

The singing fairy is a brave, earnest leader to the duo of Merlz and Pearlz. Everything she does, she does from the heart. Now if only Pearlz would stop dipping Merlz’s alien fries in her slime pudding…

And that’s our dynamic duo! Merlz and Pearlz love each other just the way they are, and want you to love yourself too! You are unique - a true original. There is no-one else like you in the whole galaxy. Isn’t that awesome? With each new song, Merlz and Pearlz hope to inspire you to become the best Self-Esteem Warrior you can be!

If you’re feeling inspired after storytime, come join us! Take a look at our YouTube channel, and find some songs to sing along with. Or, read our blog, and learn even more about the adventures of Merlz and Pearlz! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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