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Meet Merlz and Pearlz’s Three Special Friends

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Merlz and Pearlz travel all over the galaxy, spreading the awesome message of self-esteem. With a universe as big and bright as ours, there’s bound to be a lot of unique creatures out there. As it turns out, our favourite duo have met a bunch of them! During their adventures, Merlz and Pearlz have made all sorts of funky friends, as all good Self-Esteem Warriors do! In this post, we thought we’d introduce some of them to you. Each friend teaches us some important lessons about self-esteem. From friendly monsters to well-named birds, there’s a whole host of brilliant buddies to meet!

Igor: A friendly little monster from Planet Awesome

Igor has a very big heart, which he pours into most everything he does. He’s a curious creature, and loves setting out on all sorts of wild adventures. Igor is passionate about self-esteem, just like Merlz and Pearlz! He loves joining the dynamic duo on their travels, and helping them spread their message. The little monster may not play a musical instrument, but that doesn’t stop him from loving the art of music. Igor sings, dances, and rocks out with the best of them, along with Merlz and Pearlz! He really wants to learn to play the triangle and the cowbell. For Igor, something about those two instruments just… hits.

Igor is a certified Self-Esteem Warrior, just like Merlz, Pearlz, and you! His favorite thing about being a champion of self-esteem is believing in himself and what he can do. No matter where his adventures take him, Igor always has a friend in himself. As any Self-Esteem Warrior should! Igor’s biggest, most important piece of advice to anyone hoping to improve their self-esteem is quite simple. Don’t forget to laugh and have fun! Whether you’re exploring the galaxy or exploring your emotions, it’s important to have a good time. Crack some funny jokes! Sing a self-esteem song or two! Whatever makes you happy, make time for it.

Dr. Zenbird: The friendship master of chill

Dr. Zenbird is… a bird! Crazy, we know. The good doctor lives up to his name in more ways than one, though. His calm, peaceful aura is just what you need when exploring more complex emotions. Travelling the universe is a busy endeavour, and Merlz and Pearlz do all sorts of things while spreading the message of self-esteem. With so much to do, our two adventurers sometimes struggle with big feelings like sadness or anger. It can be a lot! Dealing with emotions like that is best done with a cool head and an open mind. Luckily, whenever Merlz and Pearlz need to think on their feelings, Dr. Zenbird is there with just that. The doctor helps our duo find a way to learn from these feelings, and manage them without losing their cool. He knows a whole lot of fun games, conversation starters, and even a song or two!

Dr. Zenbird is the genius behind the Friendship Game. In this game, two best friends (or in our case, two Self-Esteem Warrior BFFs!) answer all sorts of questions about one another. These questions can get tough! Pearlz has to guess Merlz’s favourite color, while Merlz has to figure out what kind of superpower Pearlz wants most. (Hint hint, it’s a power the doctor already has!) As the questions go on, our favourite duo prove more and more just how well they know each other. All the while, Merlz and Pearlz have Dr. Zenbird to keep them calm and alright, alright, alright the entire time!

Billy the Beaver: The independent inventor

Billy the Beaver comes from the distant planet of Canada! Wait, that’s not right… The distant planet of Earth! He lives in Canada, home of the beavers. True to his beaver roots, Billy loves building a good dam or ten. He’s a hard worker, that beaver. Construction and DIY basics aside, this history of woodwork has given Billy a good understanding of independence. He knows a thing or two about doing things on your own. Developing his independence has really helped Billy with growing his self-esteem. A self-made Self-Esteem Warrior, through and through!

Billy also understands that sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. Moments where things go a little differently than expected can create big emotions, as big as a dam! That’s where Joanne comes in! Joanne is a skunk who’s also from Canada. She’s Billy’s best friend, and supports him when he has to deal with bigger feelings. Our building beaver also loves helping others become more independent themselves. Small, scrappy, and steadfast, Billy is ready to help Merlz, Pearlz, and anyone else fall in love with independence!

Billy is best known as a contestant on the show “Build That Dam!”. In the show, he built a river dam all by himself—complete with a slippery slide! Billy had a lot of practice, though. He spent a lot of time helping out his family, doing his part in building their dams. After time and practice, he was then able to compete in “Build That Dam!” all on his own!

Merlz and Pearlz’s friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And each and every one of them has something new to teach about self-esteem! There’s a whole universe of humans and other beings just like you to find and befriend. Maybe steer clear of Joanne and her hometown friends though… real live skunks can give a lot more than emotional support.

Check out our vlogs or other posts on the Merlz and Pearlz blog to find out more about our funky friends!


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