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Learn All About Self-Esteem for Kids with These Fun Posters to Print!

Making art is a great way to build self-esteem for kids, but even just appreciating it can go a long way. And there are so many different kinds of art to enjoy! You could paint, take pictures, dance around, and of course listen to music! Music is Merlz and Pearlz’s favorite way to spread their message and connect with their Self-Esteem Warriors. They love to sing and rock out, both with each other and with their friends! Did you know, though, that Merlz and Pearlz spread the message of self-esteem in other ways, too?

We’re talking about our posters! You may have seen them on our website. Each poster features a different phrase, message, or character central to the Merlz and Pearlz crew. We’ve got eight to share, and each of them will give you plenty to talk about. They feature lots of bright colors, a word or two of wisdom, and even a Pearlz power pose! Each poster can be printed and hung up anywhere you like. Merlz put one up in his bedroom, and Pearlz tried to hang a poster on the outside of their spaceship. That… didn’t work out so well. Anyway, here’s what’s up with our brilliant posters!

Starting us off, we have our loudest message in our loudest colour. “You do you,” now in bright pink! Merlz and Pearlz are all about sharing the wonders of self-esteem. That idea of self-love and self-confidence for kids is perfectly captured in this poster’s phrase. Be confident in what you do, and trust yourself to know what you’re doing. Sometimes, things may not fall perfectly into place. That’s okay! All you have to do is keep doing what you can, to the best of your ability. Keep marching forward. Keep doing you.

That’s not all, though! “You do you” is also an important reminder to not worry too much about what others are doing. Sometimes, we start to look at other people—friends, family, or even Igor—and think, “Why aren’t I doing that?” Worry not, dear Self-Esteem Warrior! Just like Pearlz, we all march to the beat of our own drum. Doing you means learning just who you are, and that takes time. “You do you” is a good reminder that you’ll get where you’re supposed to go, when you’re supposed to get there. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

This poster design may be blue, but it makes us feel anything but! Starring our main rock ’n’ rolling guitarist Merlz, this poster is an inspiration to us all. See, Merlz is quite the shy guy. When he and Pearlz met, it was she who approached him. And yet, here he is, the center of attention on his very own bright blue poster! As Merlz and Pearlz have traveled the galaxy, played shows, and learned more about themselves and each other, the pair have grown in confidence. The Self-Esteem Warriors learned self-esteem! Merlz shows off that growth with his super big smile in this poster design.

Just like Merlz, you, too, can try new things. Maybe even things that seem a little scary! Like singing in front of your friends, or eating a new food! With each new challenge you take on, you can better develop self-esteem. As you practice more and more, you’ll suddenly find those challenges no longer seem so big. If our shy rocker Merlz can jump in front of the camera and look this good, you can overcome whatever challenge you have too! The big blue sky’s the limit. Make like Merlz, and dive right in!

We’d love to see if you can rock a purple jacket as nicely, too. We still have no idea how he makes it work.

Hey, that’s you! This poster is all about how each and every one of us is special in some unique way. Merlz plays the guitar and rocks out like no other. Pearlz can sing and dance with the best of them. And you—yes, you!—have some talent or skill hiding within you just waiting to be found. It may be something completely new, or maybe one you’ve seen somewhere before. No matter what, nobody can do it like you! Embrace your original individual self, and appreciate all you have to offer to the world.

The cogs and gears in the background of this poster are also important. Every original individual is made up of a lot of interesting, complex pieces. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and we speak a whole mix of languages and have wildly different personalities. It takes a lot of bits and pieces to make a person! With that in mind, remember that each and every part of you is unique and interesting. Celebrate it all! Use those very same cogs and gears that built you to build your self-esteem.

Do be careful with the small moving parts, though. Caution is another great tool for any Self-Esteem Warrior!

We love this poster so very much. The hot pink is as loud as Pearlz when she’s rocking out. This poster also has a simple but important lesson to share! Take a closer look. Do you see it? Why, this poster is just full of personality! Pearlz shows off her signature pink and checkerboard style, complete with zebra tights and bright, tilted hat. With her arms out to the side, our favorite fairy also flexes her amazing dance moves, rocking out like few others can. In just one picture, we get a sense of Pearlz’s fashion sense, dance style, and, of course, her confidence! If you take anything from this poster, let it be that self-esteem is easier than you think. Just by doing what she knows, and doing it well, Pearlz shows us her rocking confidence.

Pearlz’s portrait can be more than a poster, though. Using this work of art as your inspiration, you can strike some power poses of your own! It’s easy! Try out some unique styles (maybe something in bleen?), dance as hard as you can, and take some fun pictures. You’ll be the star of your own poster in no time!

Yes you are! There are only two simple words on this poster, but that’s all we needed. Sometimes, a simple reminder is best. You’re awesome, and there’s nothing that can stop you! This is the way of the Self-Esteem Warrior. Plus, it’s great decor! Hang this poster in your bedroom, by the front door, even next to the TV. Anywhere is perfect to tell yourself that you’re awesome! You’ve got what it takes to get through the day and meet your goals. Just like Merlz and Pearlz, you can be an awesome Self-Esteem Warrior!

This mechanical poster design also shows off our steampunk style in all its glory. Clocks and cogs and gears, all twisting and turning to create… self-esteem! Like we said earlier, you are made up of so many different parts. Your confidence also has many components! Making decisions, trusting those decisions, and enjoying yourself are all some of the cogs and gears that make up your self-esteem. Build your confidence one piece at a time, and believe in yourself. Remember that you’re awesome, and go forth!

Yes, let’s! This poster is all about one of the most important parts of being a Self-Esteem Warrior: being open and honest about our feelings. Sometimes, you might encounter a big, complex feeling. There’s anger, confusion, that weird feeling when Merlz is tuning his guitar and it sounds kinda cool but also way too loud… Trust us, Pearlz has explored that one more than a few times. But these feelings aren’t always bad things! If you take the time to talk things out, explore your emotions, and just be real with how you feel, you can learn so much about yourself and the world around you. And grow so much stronger too! The clearer we get about our feelings, the better Self-Esteem Warriors we can all be! A lot of good can come from just being honest about how you feel.

The ship in the background shares its own message as well. Big feelings can seem like an ocean to explore. If you stay on the shore, that slows your journey as a Self-Esteem Warrior. Getting real with how you feel lets you get out and sail the high seas! Tell your loved ones when things are tough, and you can face any storm together. Just like sailing a great ship on the deep blue sea (or big bleen universe), it’s important to keep moving forward.

We’ve had Merlz steal the show, and Pearlz rock out to her own beat. Both members of our musical duo shine on awesome posters of their own. Now, it’s your turn! Featuring one of our dancing Self-Esteem Warriors, this poster design captures what Merlz and Pearlz are all about. Be loud! Be bright! Be confident! Smile the day away and let yourself feel sunny. Just like the rock 'n' rolling being on this poster, have fun being your best energetic self.

Maybe buy your glasses in a smaller size, though…

And so, we finally come to what we’ve been saying this whole time. The message that Merlz and Pearlz carry across the galaxy as they fly. Be a Self-Esteem Warrior! That means being ourselves, believing in ourselves and exploring our feelings along the way. All while having fun!

And those are our eight awesome poster designs all about self-esteem for kids! Print them out, hang them up, and take a picture or two. Show us how they look for you by sharing them with us on our Facebook and Instagram! Let us know what you think of the posters, and the lessons they share. And don’t worry—the Self-Esteem Warrior goodness doesn’t end there! After the posters, there’s still our YouTube channel, which has all the latest Merlz and Pearlz episodes for you. Click, print, and become a better Self-Esteem Warrior today!


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