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How to Build Self-Confidence in a Child: Become a Self-Esteem Warrior in 3 Simple Steps

Become a Self-Esteem Warrior! You can learn how to build self-confidence in a child you know, and in yourself. And the best part? It’s easy! There’s no paperwork and no tests for a Self-Esteem Warrior license. All you have to do is commit to working on your self-esteem, and spread the word about self-esteem to others!

Confidence-building activities for kids are a great way to get started. Easier still, you could even watch some fun vlogs featuring a certain intergalactic duo (hint hint, nudge nudge). Becoming a Self-Esteem Warrior is fun and rewarding! Just follow these three simple steps and learn how to build self-confidence in a child or in yourself!

STEP 1: Learn About Self-Esteem

The first step for any budding Self-Esteem Warrior is to learn, learn, learn! Discover just what self-esteem is, understand where it comes from and how we build it, and practice doing so. There’s so much to do!

It can be hard to know where to start, though. Luckily, Merlz and Pearlz have you covered! With our vlogs, blogs, and everything in between, there’s tons about self-esteem right here.

If you’d like to learn a lesson from one of our special friends, you can! Igor the friendly monster is all about believing in himself. No matter the adventure, Igor knows he can find a way through. He’ll teach you self-respect, no problem. The chillest bird in the nest, Dr. Zenbird knows a thing or two about making and maintaining healthy friendships. The good doctor can explain how to be more patient with yourself, and with the people you love. Patience is one of the greatest tools a Self-Esteem Warrior can have, after all.

Speaking of tools, the dam-building, skunk-loving Billy the Beaver knows how to build self-esteem like few others. Billy knows how to push himself just the right amount, and is fiercely independent! With his best friend Joanne the Skunk, this Canadian beaver will help you develop independence as a Self-Esteem Warrior.

STEP 2: Feel Good About Your Original Self

Once you’ve learned what you need to start your journey as a Self-Esteem Warrior, it’s time to put it into practice! An important part of self-esteem is understanding, valuing, and loving the being you are. If you figure out how to feel good about yourself, you’re halfway to being a full-fledged Self-Esteem Warrior!

One of the best ways to do this is to use positive affirmations. You can use all sorts of them, and speak good feelings into existence. Here’s the great part: there’s a super simple way to start using affirmations. All you need do is say one thing you like about yourself, each and every day! With this easy method, you can build self-esteem in no time.

Outside of affirmations, you can also try all sorts of fun new activities. Helping activities, like lending a hand with chores around the house, are a good idea. For something different, you can try learning a new skill, like an instrument, a sport, or even a language! By engaging in a wide variety of interesting new hobbies and crafts, you learn just how brilliantly capable a Self-Esteem Warrior you are. That’s the greatest affirmation of them all!

STEP 3: Spread the Word about Self-Esteem

As any good Self-Esteem Warrior knows, self-esteem is for everybody! You, your friends, Merlz and Pearlz... everybody! The best way to uphold this key tenet of self-esteem is to talk about it with as many of the unique beings and people in your life as you can. Have conversations with family and friends about self-esteem, and learn more about it from what they have to say!

Starting conversations like these is easy. You can ask your loved ones and fellow Self-Esteem Warriors about what self-esteem means to them. Listen to what they have to say, and ask lots of questions! Understanding other perspectives on things can help you better understand yourself. That’s self-love and self-understanding in action. Put simply, learning from others about self-esteem… contributes to your self-esteem! Being a Self-Esteem Warrior is all about continuing this positive cycle.

Of course, another great way to spread the word on self-esteem is the power of the written word. Film and music are great too! Share our videos and blog posts, and let Merlz and Pearlz share their message of self-love with everyone you know!


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