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Be a 

Self-Esteem Warrior!

A Self-Esteem Warrior is a viewer who wants to learn about self-esteem. Someone who wants to feel good about their original individual selves. Someone who wants to join Merlz and Pearlz in their mission to spread the word about self-esteem to their friends. Wanna be a Self-Esteem Warrior? Just watch, learn and sing along with the team!


Merlz and Pearlz!

Merlz is a merlzypoo who plays guitar. Pearlz is a fairy who likes to sing. They’re from a steampunk planet called Planet Awesome. Together they rock out with their friends and with their viewers, whom they call the Self-Esteem Warriors!

Great music. Great message.

Merlz and Pearlz helps kids get real about how they feel with the help of rock music the whole family will love. Sing along while you make dinner, do chores or hang out together. (Seriously. Best earworms ever.)

Feelings can be hard! In their vlog series, Merlz and Pearlz dig into the tough stuff about being a kid. Their aim is to help little ones figure out and manage their emotions and build healthy self-esteem.

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