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The 7 Best Ways for Kids to Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

How do you make your child more confident? We’re glad you asked! Merlz and Pearlz are all about helping kids build healthy self-esteem! So, in this blog post, we’re bringing you a concise guide to the seven best ways for kids to build healthy self-esteem according to our favourite intergalactic duo. Pick one or two, or try all seven!

Tip 1: Remember that who YOU are is worth celebrating!

People come in so many different shapes, sizes, colours, and creeds. And each and every being is something amazing! Celebrate your child's individuality by encouraging them to embrace what makes them unique. A good way to do this is by using positive affirmations. Affirmations help develop self-confidence in your child. If they see you do it, they'll be more eager to want to do it themselves. Make it something you do together, sharing the value of self-love and self-respect.

There’s only one you, so celebrate everything that makes you unique!

Tip 2: Try out helping activities

By taking the initiative to be kind and helpful to the people around them, your child’s confidence can grow by leaps and bounds. You don’t even have to leave the house! Find ways for them to help with little things at home. Putting a dish away; folding some clothes; even just picking up puzzle pieces or toys! So many simple acts can become acts of service. With each one, your child learns valuable lessons in self-respect and empathy.

Tip 3: Ask lots of questions

Curiosity may not be great for cats, but it’s one of the best things to nurture in your children! Asking questions can be great for building your little one’s confidence. Encourage them to ask as many as they can! The more answers they receive, the more confident they become in their ability to find out new information. This positive cycle of questions and answers can nourish creativity, intelligence, and, of course, confidence and self-esteem. The path to becoming a Self-Esteem Warrior is full of good questions, and every question is a good one!

Tip 4: Learn something new

It’s always a good time to try something new! There are so many new things to learn, and doing so is always super fun. But did you know adding skills can also improve confidence in children? It’s a good idea to encourage your child to pick up something fresh and exciting, no matter the activity. Learning anything—from the lyrics of Merlz and Pearlz’s latest song to a musical instrument to tying their shoes—can do wonders for self-confidence in children.

With each step they take, your little one will find something new to love about themselves. And that’s exactly what we want from our budding Self-Esteem Warriors!

Tip 5: Practice a skill

Aw, practice! It’s not easy. Merlz and Pearlz know that from experience. They are always practicing new songs, ready to rock and spread the word about self-esteem. But here’s the super duper awesome part about practice: the more you do it, the bigger your confidence grows. Confidence in your skills, and confidence in yourself. Get your child involved with a fun activity they love, and watch them grow with every session! And when you do, remember these wise words from Merlz: We rock to our own beat.

Practice takes time, and nobody gets everything right straight away. Use those affirmations we talked about earlier! Help your child stay happy and motivated as they grow.

Tip 6: Make a friend or two

Merlz and Pearlz wouldn’t be the awesome band they are without their awesome friendship! Our Planet Awesome duo are best friends. They’re always pushing each other to be as amazing as they can be. With a good friend or two, your child can have that same kind of support from someone their own age. Making new friends and meeting new people is always fun and exciting. It can be a little scary at times, but pushing past comfort zones in the name of friendship is a great way to build confidence in social situations and beyond. And as children gain self-esteem in childhood, they can become Self-Esteem Warriors of their own, and help instill that same confidence in the friends they meet! In friendship, everybody wins.

Plus, it never hurts to have another person to sing all these songs with!

Tip 7: Harness the power of music!

Speaking of songs, they can do wonders for building self-esteem in children! Music is a universal language loved by beings big and small. Engaging with music through singing, dancing, and rocking out just like Merlz and Pearlz can help instill lessons of self-love. We each have a style, a voice, and a reason to rock! Music covers every aspect of confidence. It’s the perfect tool for Self-Esteem Warriors no matter what planet you're from!

There are so many fun and unique ways of building self-esteem in your child. Don’t forget to keep Merlz’s Three Superstars of Self-Esteem in mind: self-respect, confidence and self-love. Keep these ideals at the center of your child’s growth, and you’ll have a confident Self-Esteem Warrior in no time at all!

Check out our vlogs or other posts on the Merlz and Pearlz blog to find out more about how we build healthy self-esteem!

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